THE BOURNE SAGA: The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Identity

The definite standard of espionage films. Cinemax presents this cinematic jewel, The Bourne Saga; a great opportunity to enjoy a classic of espionage, action and suspense. Based on the novels by American author Robert Ludlum, the story is based on an agent named Jason Bourne,

August 2019

who carries memory problems and suffers episodes of traumatic amnesia due to an incident which occurred in the middle of a secret operation. This causes Jason Bourne not to be able to remember what happened in his past or remember the fact he was trained as a killer super-agent. Jason Bourne is always chasing a clue, looking for a new life and trying to recover his identity in oblivion. A very successful franchise that managed to break all box office records by drawing record audiences around the world and bringing Jason Bourne to full fame.

Jason Bourne is an elite CIA member, who is par in a network of espionage and manipulation; pursued by mercenaries, professional killers, paramilitaries and former CIA colleagues. Jason Bourne is portrayed by Matt Damon- the young antihero devoid of evil and honest yet trained to be a powerful killer in action. Bourne uses his skills he trained for as a weapon to kill in thousands of different impossible situations. In this saga, the scenes have high stakes and are very realistic with a sharp focus on the overall espionage theme of the film.

An interesting fact is how Matt Damon accomplished all of his own stunts for his action scenes which caused him several injuries in his body. He also dedicated time Kali, a type of martial arts from The Philippines and training with weapons which forced him to be in optimal physical condition.

Let’s go back in time and review the whole Bourne Saga:

The Bourne Supremacy premiered in 2004; a suspense and action film clocking at an hour and fifty minutes where special effects are effectively absent in all elements of the film including action scenes, explosions, crashes, shooting and chase scenes. The Bourne Supremacy takes us to the dark world of the expert assassin. Jason Bourne believes he has moved on from his troubled past, when he begin to have nightmares which take him back to his action days and in search of his true identity. He shares the ride with Marie Kreutz (Franka Potente) who accompanies Damon as a shared protagonist who travels with him in a clandestine and anonymous manner. She is constantly under surveillance and under threat of being caught.

The Bourne Ultimatum, deemed the favorite one by Hollywood standards, premiered in 2007 starring Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, David Strathairn and Joan Allen and winner of three Academy Awards ® - for Best Editing, Best Sound and Best Sound Editing. The film begins before the end of The Bourne Supremacy events. The unravelling of the plot will keep you glued to the chair waiting for more and more. One of the best action movies in the history of cinema, where Matt Damon returns to represent Jason Bourne; you can almost see him, full throttle, jump off the screen in a constant pursuit of alternatives and ways so he can save his life. He continues to be distrustful of everyone and rejects being cornered while still being pursuit by CIA officials and mercenaries. Filmed in London, Tangier and New York, the film will keep you in total suspense, while Jason Bourne travels the world leaving the viewer full of intensity and exciting moments in a world of spies, lies and secrets where each subsequent event takes him closer to discovering his identity. The constant question viewers always ask is who was the person who erased his memory? It is also his frantic search to find the truth of what happened, searching for his identity, and confronting his foes with the same skills he was trained to kill other.

We have a reborn Matt Damon; strong, brilliant, sharp and tough. He carries the film with a great performance and the direction and sound are extraordinary again. The work in this production makes the film the most solid espionage movie in recent times, achieving great credibility in establishing a film that is highly entertaining and credible; defying the laws of nature.

The Bourne Legacy premiered in 2012, directed by Tony Gilroy and managing not to lose the spirit of the film’s saga.

In the saga’s last film, actor Matt Damon goes into a secondary role, sharing the protagonist role at times with actor Jeremy Renner who gives life to super-agent Aaron Cross and Rachel Weisz, portraying Dr. Marta Shearing, a dedicated scientist who is committed to doing work for the good of the country and often clashing with the moral contradictions of her work and the application towards its agents.

The story unfolds parallel to the events in The Bourne Ultimatum. The main focus of this film is to delve deeply into the governmental plot behind the creation of super spies whom this unscrupulous agency empowers through questionable methods; methods that push their diverse abilities, such as intelligence, strength and sharpness.

The group responsible for the program panics when they lose control and the methods itself find their way to the public. They take extreme measures to avoid a scandal, since unlike Jason Bourne who suffers from amnesia, Aaron Cross is very much aware of who he is and where it all began. He returns to the United States to look for the only person who can help him, Dr. Marta Shearing who is one of the few contacts he has from the government program. Marta's life changes radically when they give the order to close the Outcome Program. She is then persecuted for knowing too much and she is in danger of being killed. However, just in time, Aaron Cross saves her, and they begin to depend on each other, joining each other in an adventure full of action and suspense.

A spectacular trilogy with a fantastic script you cannot miss.