The safeguard and protection of your information is very important to us, likewise your privacy and the confidentiality of such information. This Privacy Policy has the purpose of protect the privacy of the users accessing and enjoying the online services ("Services"). This Privacy Policy is applicable to all Services operated by HBO Latin America Production Services, LC (hereinafter referred to as "HBO"). The department of interactive media in the one designed to process any matter related to your privacy and personal data, and may be contacted through sections "Contact Us" and "Customer Support" of HBO's website.

According to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Online Services, by using any of the Services you signify your unconditional agreement to the Terms and Conditions of Use and agree to the treatment of your personal data. Therefore, if you do not agree to any of them, do not use the Services.

I.- Collection of Information
Some Services allow the user to make orders of products, participate in contests, vote in surveys and otherwise express their opinion, subscribe to other services, or participate in one of our forums or online communities. Personal information that may collected includes but is not limited to: name, postal address, information on TV subscription, e-mail address, phone number, identity document number, preferred method of payment and information about interests in diverse products, programs and services and the use thereof.

Some Services are intended for registered users only, and in that case, personal information collected includes but is not limited to: name, postal address, information about their TV subscription, email address, and phone number.

Some Services require users to provide third parties' information, such as name and e-mail address of certain people in order to send a hyperlink. Third parties' personal information that may be collected includes but is not limited to: name, e-mail address, and phone number.

HBO may also collect non-personal information, such as the type of software used to access the Services (for example, Netscape, Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.), the type of operating system (for example Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, etc.), the IP address of the computer used to access the Service, the time of beginning and end of use of the Service, and the domain name of the Internet provider (for example América Online, Earthlink); among other data.

Finally, HBO collects information describing the use of the Services, including the list of contents seen, time of use of the Services, number of visits, pages or screens, among others.

II.- Use of the Information
The information (including personal data) provided by the users upon completing the applications in connection with our products, programs and Services, is used to answer to your questions and offer other products, programs or services which we consider that may be of your interest and to improve the interactive experience generated from the Services. Likewise, it may be used to notify any matter that might be of your interest (such as changes and updates in the Services or having won a context or promotion), to comply with an application by the user or for research purposes.

Information provided by users about other persons is used to offer them our products, programs and services, and to send reminders on upcoming events.

The information collected in forums and online communities may be used to improve the interactive experience offered by the Services.

Non-personal information is used to improve the design and content of the Services and to personalize them.

The information shall be disclosed to the users' heirs or their representatives as required by law, any public or administrative authority, by judicial order, and to third parties authorized by the user. Likewise, the information may be transferred to companies related to HBO, for the purposes set forth herein..

Information may be shared by HBO with distributors, agents and contractors, for diverse purposes. HBO distributors, agents and contractors having access to the information are responsible for protecting it pursuant to this Privacy Policy. Distributors, agents and contractors may subcontract services (and thereby share information with other people) as needed to provide their services upon prior authorization by HBO.

HBO han tomado todas las medidas necesarias para proteger la información de accesos y usos no autorizados, sin embargo, pueden ocurrir de manera involuntaria, por ejemplo, cuando haya terceros que falsifiquen la identidad del usuario para tener acceso a esta información personal, lo cual excede el control y responsabilidad de HBO.

En ocasiones, HBO podrá combinar la información que reciba en línea con registros externos, esto a fin de aumentar su capacidad de comercializar productos o servicios.

III.- Collection of Information by Third Parties and Sponsors
Some of the Services may include links to websites having different privacy policies. Visitors to these websites must consult privacy notices and policies of each of them, given that they are beyond HBO's control.

The Services may offer contests or promotions that are sponsored or cosponsored by third parties. By virtue of their sponsorship, third parties may obtain personal information of the visitors voluntarily participating in the contest or promotion, and in this sense, HBO has no control, surveillance or responsibility for the use of such information by such third parties.

IV.- Storage and Use of Information
HBO, its affiliates, agents, and contractors may storage and process the information collected in diverse places, which may not be within the jurisdiction of the place of residence of the user, who understands and agrees such situation. In any case, HBO shall apply this Privacy Policy regardless of the place of storage or processing of the information.

V.- "Cookies"
"Cookies". Cookies are small text files located at the browser of the users' computer to store their preferences. Cookies, by their own, do not disclose your e-mail address or any other personal information unless you choose otherwise. However, if the user has provided personal information, it may be related to the data stored in the Cookie.

Cookies serve to understand the way the Services are used and to improve the content and tools offered thereby. In order to disable the use of Cookies consult the user's manual of the service used to have access to Internet (known as Internet browsers).

VI.- Security
HBO takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the information (including the users' personal information) is processed safely. The Services rely on proper physical, electronic and administrative steps to maintain safety of the data and correct use of the information collected online; however, data transmission may not be secure and may be intercepted by unauthorized third parties, even when such data has been encrypted, and HBO accepts no responsibility therefor.

VII.- Access and the Right to Correct Data.
"Contact Us" or "Customer Service" of the HBO website. In order to protect your privacy and security, necessary steps will be taken to help verify your identity before allowing access or making corrections to such information.

VIII.- Minors
Some Services are intended for the general audience, but other Services are reserved to persons of legal age. If minors desire to participate as users in any of such Services, they will need prior authorization by their parents or guardians. Such authorization will be given through the opening of a sub-account or sub-registration which shall depend on the main user, who will be of legal age.

IX.- How to Contact Us
Should you have any questions of doubts about this Privacy Policy or the implementation hereof, please contact HBO Latin America Production Services, LC, 4000 Ponce de Leon Bvld. Suite 800, Coral Gables, Florida, 33146, United Sates of America, or through our "Customer Support" system and/or section "Contact Us" of the HBO Website.

X.- Final Provision
HBO reserves the right to modify this Online Services Privacy Policy at any time. Any amendment hereto shall be notified to users in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of Online Services.